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GE MicroGen is currently developing a global distribution network to deliver GE HomeGen 7000 fuel cell systems to the residential market. Analysts estimate that fuel cells will become at least a billion-dollar market within the decade, and distributors will profit from service, installation, equipment and fuel sales. Some of the qualities of HomeGen 7000 distributors are listed below, followed by the opportunities available.

Distributor Qualities

  • Strength demonstrated by brand, local sales presence, etc.
  • Service capability (e.g., installation, maintenance, and emergency service)
  • Fuel delivery capability
  • Commitment demonstrated by willingness to invest in marketing, pre-commercial unit testing / demonstration, and commercial unit purchase volume
Distribution Opportunities

Primary Distributorship: Primary distributorships are the only distribution contracts directly negotiated with GE MicroGen. Our primary distributors are generally electric utilities, combined gas and electric companies, and natural gas distributors. Primary distribution responsibilities include sales, installation and service of the GE HomeGen 7000.

Secondary Distribution: Companies that specialize in an aspect of distribution, such as service, installation, or sales may be contracted as local secondary distributors for the commercial fuel cell system. Secondary distribution contracts are negotiated through the primary distributors partnered with GE MicroGen. Although GE MicroGen does not contract secondary distributors, we will make company information from the interest form below available to current and future primary distributors. If there is an opportunity in your area, the current or future primary distributor may contact you.

Complete the form below to express your company's interest in HomeGen 7000 distribution. Our market development team will inform you of your status within three business days.

Contact Name:
Company Name:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
State: ZIP:
Phone Number:
 Do not make my information available for consideration as a secondary distributor.

Primary business
Electric Utility
Combined gas and electric
Rural electric cooperative
Natural gas distributor
LPG distributor
Service and installation
Power marketer
Energy services
Other - Specify

Existing gas and electric customers served
Not Applicable
Less than 10,000
10,000 - 24,000
25,000 - 49,000
50,000 - 99,000
100,000 - 200,000
Greater than 200,000

Existing service territory
Local - 25 mile radius
Regional - 75 mile radius
Other - Specify

Alternative / distributed energy available to your customers
Fuel Cells

Distribution Interest:

Email comments to GEMicroGen@ps.ge.com

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