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The HomeGen 7000 is an independent power source. Your electricity is available without interruption from power-grid shortages or weather-related outages.

The HomeGen 7000 will be fully tested by GE and has almost no moving parts. The system requires an annual maintenance check, and a component replacement every four to six years. GE-trained and certified personnel perform all service work at the customer's home.

The HomeGen 7000 reduces emissions of particulate matter and other ozone smog forming byproducts-such as carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide-to near zero. The HomeGen 7000 also produces less than half the amount of carbon dioxide per kWh produced by traditional coal- and oil-burning power plants, lessening your home's global warming impact.

No Power Lines
For new homes built beyond the reach of the existing power network, this new system can eliminate the need to install overhead wires and utility poles.

Power Quality
The HomeGen 7000 provides electricity without the power surges or dips that can harm computers and electronic equipment.

In many areas, the system can provide electricity at or below the price of utility-supplied power; due primarily to the system's low operating cost and high fuel efficiency.

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