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The home owner will find that once started and providing power to the home, the HomeGen 7000 requires little more.

HomeGen 7000

Installation consists of:

  • Setting a pre-cast concrete or similar pad in the desired siting location
  • Providing connections to the home's water and fuel gas supplies
  • Connecting the HomeGen 7000's output cable to the feed side of the service panel in the home
  • Where grid power is available, connecting the grid to the HomeGen 7000 to provide back-up power during unit maintenance periods

A complete HomeGen 7000 can be installed in less than a day, meaning minimal installation costs to the customer. Once the GE HomeGen 7000 is installed, the power connection to the house is briefly interrupted to connect the unit to the existing service panel and power is then restored to the home.

No modifications to the house side of the service panel and wiring are required assuming existing wiring meets local building codes.

The GE HomeGen 7000 is designed to provide maximum life with minimal maintenance. The system requires a simple annual check-up by an authorized service technician. This annual check assures maximum reliability. At 40,000 hour intervals, a major maintenance inspection is required to service key system components.

In the unlikely event of a system fault, GEMG service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a toll-free customer hotline. In addition to the GEMG toll-free hotline the HomeGen 7000 control system will send an automatic fault alarm via a telephone data link and notify a service provider for follow up action. Through this same data link, GEMG service experts can access your unit to diagnose problems before dispatching a technician-even before you detect a problem.

For customers wanting the very best in carefree reliability, GEMG offers a portfolio of extended warranties and long term service plans.

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