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The home owner will find that once started and providing power to the home, the HomeGen 7000 requires little more. For remote locations without utility back-up power, the home owner needs simply to initiate the start sequence, and the HomeGen 7000 does the rest. For homeowners with utility back-up, start-up is very similar, with the exception of the homeowner selecting the fuel cell on the control panel to provide power to the home. Once the HomeGen 7000 is selected, all control, including switching to utility back-up when required, is fully automatic.

Should the HomeGen 7000 experience a system fault, an audible and visual alarm will appear on the user panel mounted in the home. This panel, similar in appearance to a HVAC thermostat, will provide system status to the homeowner. In addition to the alarms in the home, an alarm will be sent to a GE MicroGen service provider via the telephone data link for follow-up action.

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