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HomeGen 7000 Registration!

If you would like to register as a potential customer for the GE MicroGen HomeGen 7000, please fill out the form below. Your information will be available to the HomeGen distributor in your region. Your distributor may contact you when the commercial product becomes available in late 2001.

Please check this box if you wish to receive mailings or e-mail notices.
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Tell us about the energy your home uses.
(Having your latest electric bill and gas bill handy makes this faster.)
Looking at your last electric bill:
Who is your electric distribution company?
How many kWh do you use per billing period?
For how many weeks of service was the bill?
If other, please specify:
On what month did the billing period begin?
Which fuel do you use most?
Who is your gas distributor?
How did you learn about the HomeGen 7000? *
If other, please specify:

Tell us about your preferences:
What is the primary reason you are interested in using a HomeGen 7000?
If a later HomeGen model could make heat and hot water in addition to electricity, how would your interest in the product change?

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